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Gunning Gold Annual Fundraiser

A Brief History of Gunning Gold

Gunning Gold was first run as a fundraiser for Gunning Public School in 1997.

It shares the unfortunate anniversary with the Perisher Disaster and is memorable because Dad's went off to assist with the disaster while the Mums and kids did the very first delivery.  That first year very much cemented the ethos of Gunning Gold in GPS’s culture of doing for ourselves with families getting together for up to three Sundays over winter, bag up an average of 1000, 30-litre bags of sheep manure which are then loaded onto and into utes, trailers, horse floats and farm trucks for delivery to customers who have been ordering from us for 24 years!!! We are often met with cheers of welcome, homemade scones, biscuits and cordial of very appreciative gardeners.

The idea for selling sheep manure as a fundraiser was first proposed by Greg Bush and Harry Smith (Xania Smith's Dad, proprietor of the Old Hume Cafe). This year will be the 26th anniversary of parents and students of Gunning Public school crawling under shearing sheds, bagging up manure and selling it to the Gardeners of Canberra. It has been celebrated not only by those Gardners but is often featured in the Gardening Radio shows of Canberra. Even last year the ABC 666 AM weekend program invited Gunning Gold to talk about the hidden aspects of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Gunning Gold is often celebrated and the ideal ‘Upcycling’ as a waste product is turned into Garden Gold for just $12.00 a bag delivered to your door which we hope you'll agree is a win win for everyone involved.

The money that has been raised by the numerous parent committees in the last 25 years has gone towards paying for things like the current playground equipment (approximately $40K fully paid for out of P&C funds) half of the contribution towards the COLA, Airconditioners in all of the classrooms, smartboards, iPads and other additional teaching resources not supplied by the NSW DOE.

The annual fundraiser drive is instrumental in helping our school. Local farmers are incredibly kind in donating both time and sheep manure for us to bag up and deliver to the doors of our customers far and wide. The fertiliser is something so unique and best of all it's natural without any nasties.


Get in contact if you would like to volunteer to help us on our annual fundraiser. 

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